Professional practice requires that standards of ethical conduct are published and that individual professional regulated members are held to that standard. Regulated members include Professional Agrologists - PAg, Agrologists In Training - AIT, Registered Technologists in Agrology - RT(Ag), and Agrology Technologists in Training - ATT. Members must submit continuing professional development (CPD) records each year to the Institute to indicate the continuous training and learning that has been pursued so that their professional qualifications are maintained. Should members NOT maintain their CPD requirements, the Institute may investigate a member's practice to determine competency and current practice ability.

The Profession of Agrology demands integrity, competence and objectivity in the conduct of its regulated members while fulfilling their professional responsibilities to the public, the employer or client, the profession and other regulated members.

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Practice standards that apply to specific Practice Areas are also monitored by the institute. Documentation detailing this information can be found under the Library tab in the Ethics and Practice menu item.