This status is intended specifically for maternity leave, parental leave, sick leave, or out-of-country travel/work beyond 6 months and applies to the four regulated categories PAg, RTAg, AIT, and ATT. Deferred status is a minimum of six months up to one year at a time. The registration fee and CCP requirement will be prorated accordingly.

Deferred status is available for up to 3 years. If an extension is needed for a second or third year, an approval from the CEO/Registrar is required. 

Deferred members may take the four In-Training courses and may attend the AGM/Conference while they are in deferred status. Attendance at these events will count towards their In-Training requirements.

To apply online for deferred status, Click here.

This status applies to the agrology categories of Professional Agrologists and Registered Technologists in Agrology and are reserved for those members who have practiced as Professional Agrologists or Registered Technologists in Agrology, and who do not intend to practice again in the foreseeable future. In the event that a retired member chooses to resume practice, they must apply for Reinstatement of Registration.

To apply online for retired status, Click here.

Photo Credit: Tyler Butler, 2012